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Welcome to the Comedy Exchange Association

CXA Welcomes New Comedians

Tom Cotter, Sean Green, David Huntsberger,
Phil Johnson, Rob Little, Kerri Louise

Tom Cotter, ComedianSean Green, comedianDavid Huntsberger, Comedian

Phil Johnson, comedianRob Little, ComedianKerri Louise, Comedian

Intro to Comedy Exchange Association

Comedy Exchange Association is a performing rights organization that provides royalties for comedic writers and labels whose works are used on AM / FM and other terrestrial radio broadcasts.

Comedy Exchange Association Mission Statement

CXA is a new performing rights organization that takes the business of being funny, seriously. In the music world, there are several organizations whose job it is to look out for the rights of writers and publishers, but when it came to terrestrial radio (AM / FM / HD) it seems that if it didn’t have a melody, the existing performing rights organizations weren’t interested.At CXA, we love comedy, and want to provide compensation for the comedians, comedic writers, and labels that manufacture and distribute comedic works. Since comedy is one of the biggest growth sectors in entertainment today, it’s about time those who lighten our hearts, are finally rewarded. CXA provides compensation for comedians who write their own material, other comedic writers and labels that manufacture and distribute comedic works. CXA is already tracking any airplay on terrestrial radio you may be receiving but you must join to get paid. Joining is fast, easy & free!
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