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About Comedy Exchange Association


The Comedy Exchange Association is a new performing rights organization that takes the business of being funny, seriously. Just like SoundExchange and the music-oriented associations ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, CXA was formed to collect performance royalties for comedians (who perform their own material) and other comedic writers whose recorded works are used on AM / FM and other terrestrial radio broadcasting. CXA not only provides compensation for the writers, but also to the labels that manufacture and distribute the comedic works.

Over-the-air broadcasters who use comedic works of Comedy Exchange members will obtain a license from CXA, which will pool these payments to be distributed to writers and labels fairly, based on tracking of what is played in a given cycle. It is not necessary to be a member to have your works tracked, or to have monies collected on your behalf. But if you want to collect payments you must join and it is free. Follow the simple instructions on this website and fill out the on-line forms and you are in.

Board of Directors

George Gimarc has over 35 year of hands-on involvement in radio as a programming innovator, including development of the Classic Rock Format and The Edge. His experience includes station development, hosting, music director, and music historian. Gimarc is the owner of Reel George Prod. Inc, an umbrella organization that covers his role as a music historian, writer and producer, and has written three books for St. Martin’s Press  (“Punk Diary 1970-1979,”"Post Punk Diary 1980-’82″ and “Hollywood Hi Fi”). Gimarc does consulting work on video and CD projects like the Time/Life “History Of Rock And Roll” series as well as releasing materials from his own vast archives. His innovative ‘Radio SASS’ (Short Attention Span System) is the first radio programming protocol to be granted a US Patent and will be rolled out in the near future.  In partnership with Bill Bungeroth, he continues to develop new ground-breaking formats, the latest of which is Donkey Comedy Radio, which takes the most powerful elements of talk radio and CHR, and spins through them the welcome sound of laughter.

William M. Bungeroth has spent the majority of his business career in broadcasting. He previously served as President and Director of Cumulus Media Inc., and President and Chief Executive Officer of Cumulus Broadcasting Inc. He has recently developed for radio syndication The Download with iTunes, Premiere Radio Networks, and The Huckabee Report with former Governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Citadel Media Networks. He is also one of the two founders of 24/7 Comedy radio and a partner in Todays Comedy Radio Network.

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