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Monday, October 3rd, 2011 at 10:20 pm

Paul Bond

Paul Bond Headshot

Paul Bond is a New York born, 20 year comedy veteran with a high-energy act that finishes on a funny note. Paul has been featured on Comedy Central’s Roast of Denis Leary and Jim Breuer’s Hardcore Comedy Special as well as MTV’s Metallica Icon. He has been heard on the Opie and Anthony show, Waking Up with the Wolf on WPYX Albany and Chaz and AJ on WPLF Connecticut. Paul has headlined shows at Madison Square Garden, The Hosue of Blues, The Funny Bone, Dangerfield’s, Rascals Comedy Clubs, The Riviera in Las Vegas andThe Borgata in Atlantic City.

Paul is currently on tour in support of his comedy CD “The Way I See It,” which contains over an hour of comedy, including standup, song parodies and surprise extras. His tour promises to be a night of physical comedy and song parodies audiences will leave singing. He is also in production on a ground-breaking television show. If you like your comedy served up fast and furious with an adult edge, then Paul will satisfy your appetite and then some.


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