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Monday, March 21st, 2011 at 9:20 pm

Tommy Savitt

Tommy Savitt, Performance artist, Comedian, and Actor, was born in New Jersey and bred in Brooklyn. Tommy performs an exhilarating brand of eclectic comedy rarely seen today. Tommy’s unorthodox comedy routine envelops his audience and teleports them into a domain of hilarity and pure craftmanship.

A multi-Award winning comedian, Tommy Savitt, has won the prestigious 2007 Boston Comedy Festival, 2008 Seattle Comedy Competition, and was honored for the “Best In Comedy” category at the 2009 LA Comedy Awards. Tommy has been seen on WGN’s The Bob & Tom Show, SI TV’s Funny is Funny, Comcast’s Boston Comedy Festival, Man Up Stand Up on Mav.Tv and on JLTV’s James and Sunda. Tommy has also appeared on National Lampoon, and in commercials for Adidas,, and Lowe’s. As an actor, Tommy starred as Horatio in Love’s Labours Lost at the Expanded Arts Theatre in New York City. Tommy’s comedy CD “Who Wants Me Now!” is one of the top requested on satellite radio. Tommy has dedicated this past decade to performing for our troops at home and abroad.

Tommy’s journey to bring laughter to those that sacrifice for our country has taken him to airforce, army, and naval bases in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Japan, South Korea, Bahrain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Curacao, Honduras, and Ecuador. Tommy has done it all – even performing at the United States Embassy in Belarus.


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