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Monday, September 27th, 2010 at 12:01 pm

Comedy Lands on Terrestrial Radio


24/7 Comedy Radio Debuts on Clear Channel’s KFNY 1440, Riverside

Philadelphia, PA – September 27, 2010 – 24/7 Comedy Radio, radio’s first short-attention-span all-comedy format debuts live on Clear Channel’s KFNY 1440 in Riverside, California, today. Modeled on the winning Top-40 radio formula, the PPM-friendly, FCC-compliant format attracts listeners from a wide spectrum of demographics and lifestyles using short comedy bits and live comedic hosts.

“I’m a fan of stand-up comedy on the radio,” said Jon Zellner, Senior Vice President, Programming, Clear Channel Communications. “At Sirius XM, I saw the format work first-hand, and it’s a no-brainer for many struggling terrestrial stations. “24/7 Comedy Radio is fast-paced, hit-oriented, and has mass appeal, with continuous stand-up comedy from comedians like Dane Cook, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jeff Foxworthy, along with the newest comedians targeting the young adult audience,” Zellner continued. “24/7 Comedy Radio is unique, compelling, and certainly better than being the third news, talk, or sports station in the market.”

“On AM radio you have to find a niche — something special that no one else is doing — and with a high probability for success,” observed Bob Ridzak, Vice President, Market Manager, Clear Channel Radio, Riverside. “24/7 Comedy Radio is something no one is doing, and everyone loves to laugh. Laughter is healthy, and in today’s current environment it provides an outlet — a listener’s special place.”

“24/7 Comedy Radio is the solution for many under-performing stations with a strong signal, but without a distinctive format in their group’s cluster or even in the overall market,” explained Bill Bungeroth, President and Founder, the Donkey Comedy Network. “The need to laugh is universal and right now, more than ever, that’s exactly what listeners need and want, and we are giving it to them.” “We’re delighted to work with Clear Channel to provide their Riverside cluster with a unique format option that cannot easily be duplicated,” said Dave Van Dyke, Director, Affiliate Sales, the Donkey Comedy Network.

“The 24/7 Comedy Radio answers Clear Channel’s need in Riverside for a foreground format that engages a cross-section of listener profiles and will generate several listening occasions per day.” “Today’s short-attention-span audience responds well to short comedic bits and the fast pace of stand-up comedy,” observed George Gimarc, Founding Partner, the Donkey Comedy Network and Operations Director, 24/7 Comedy Radio.

“We conducted extensive consumer research to ensure 24/7 Comedy Radio would yield ratings and revenue success, and we will continue that research as we roll out across the country.” About 24/7 Comedy Radio: 24/7 Comedy Radio is a 24-hour format designed to meet America’s insatiable appetite for all things funny. The comedy format is targeted to hit the funny bone of today’s 18- to 44-year-old adults. It showcases established and emerging comedians in a rapid-fire comedic delivery and is hosted by an array of stand-up and improvisational comedians.

Recognizing America’s need for a laugh and capitalizing on the growth of comedy on the web, TV, and movies, the format is designed to build cume. A PPM friendly format, it has been shaped by Harker Research and Vallie-Richards-Donovan Consulting. For more information please visit or call 972-516-3740.


Media Contact:
Renee Cassis


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