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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 1:12 pm

Oglio Entertainment Signs with CXA as Newest Comedy Label


21 July 2010. Philadelphia, PA – Oglio Comedy, a division of The Oglio Entertainment Group, Inc. is the newest addition to join the ranks of CXA Comedic Labels. Oglio is a seventeen-year-old independent label based in Torrance, California. “Oglio is excited to be a part of this exciting movement to compensate comedic writers whose recorded works are used on terrestrial radio. In our current entertainment industry climate, revenue streams like this are crucial for the growth of the industry and for the continued support of our comedic talent.”

While dealing in both music and comedy, Oglio features releases by comic heavyweights such as Rob Schneider, George Lopez, Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling, Red Peters and Andy Dick. Oglio is distributed in the United States by Fontana Distribution (a division of Universal) and internationally by INgrooves. Oglio will receive royalty payments for terrestrial airplay of its roster by joining CXA, the new non-profit performing rights organization that provides royalties for comedic writers and labels whose works are used on AM / FM and other terrestrial radio broadcasts.

CXA is pleased to work with Oglio, which boasts an innovative artist-friendly collaborative approach to the entertainment business. Comedy Exchange Association registers both labels and comedic writers. For more information, please contact CXA at 267.232.1300 or at




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